woensdag 7 januari 2015

A.F.Vandevorst - The Belgian Boots : the final !

A.F.Vandevorst - Belgian design - Belgian Boots

The BB's: The final!

I got up, excited . This day was the day of the BBs.
I just buy them at 30% off! I won't  give in, no way.

This morning I discussed it with my sport girlfriends. For them it wasn't that important.
Go ahead, they managed to say before other topics took their mind.  Enjoying a fresh fruit juice after the spinning class, followed by a black coffee with a piece of chocolate (at least 72 % cacao).

During the afternoon lunch with my daughter studying for her exams, working on her smartphone and a son who can't believe a pair of boots control my mind so much.
In fact, they aren't that interested in their moms shoe closet!

Promptly at 14 pm I left, after checking my finances,  I rushed to the better shoe shop in the neighborhood.
My friend told me, the boots lie flat in the window, with some luck other people didn't discover them yet.
I parked easy and was already looking in the window. Immediately I saw one boot lie flat.
I turned white.
It was not the boot that I was looking for!

I drove home sad... 
sad for what happened in Paris this afternoon. 12 people shot dead in cold blood and others seriously injured.

What is the importance of a pair of boots!

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